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Actos Live Transfer Leads Are Here!

Of the many different leads we offer, Actos live transfer leads are among the most acquired and most desired. Our live transfer leads are the best in the market and we have the reputation to prove it. We have the largest database available of Actos leads and employ proven techniques to reel them in.

  • Persuasive And Informative Sales
  • Expert Telemarketers
  • Quick And Easy Transfers

We qualify your Actos live transfer leads on your specific metrics. This means you only get leads that are right for your business. When we transfer them straight to you, we provide the hook and line, leaving the sinker to you. We know that once you have an interested client, the rest is as easy. We give you the opportunity to work your magic on leads that are worth your time and energy.

Our Actos live transfer leads are also exclusive. That way, you’re the only client that speaks with them. Don’t waste your time with leads that have been badgered by other firms. Chances are: they’ve already made their decision. Our leads are fresh and ready to listen – not to mention they’re ready to seek legal action!

Actos Treats Diabetes with Bladder Cancer

This drug, which was introduced in 1999, to treat type 2 diabetes, makes a patient 40% more likely to contract bladder cancer. The company that produced and sold them made a fortune, and our leads are entitled to some of that compensation.

Besides bladder cancer, patients have had macular edema, congestive heart failure, broken bones, and lactic acidosis. Some of these side effects were worse, more painful, and more life-threatening than type 2 diabetes. On top of that, there have been a whopping 21,000+ reports of adverse side effects from the drugs.

I don’t know if you’ve been counting, but ACTOS LEADS + YOU = MORE CLIENTS. These leads are seeking compensation for medical bills, quality of life, and household expenses because of the side effects of this drug. It’s easy to get started and this isn’t an opportunity you want to miss!

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These leads won’t sit on their hands forever and neither will we. Eventually, all of our Actos live transfer leads will find a home. Let that home be with you! We have expert telemarketers who take cold calling out of your hands. Our leads are exclusive and filtered to meet your needs. We have the largest database, but even that won’t last forever. Join and start receiving your live transfer leads today!