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Pradaxa Leads

    Our Pradaxa Leads Trump The Competition’s! offers the BEST Pradaxa leads in the market. We have extensively researched and have spent countless hours perfecting our techniques. Our methods have a track record of bringing in high-quality Pradaxa leads that easily convert to clients. Our leads are:

    • Always Filtered
    • Extremely Relevant
    • Very Effective
    • Always Fresh
    • High Converters 

    We filter all of our leads to ensure relevancy and eligibility. We also apply filtering specific to YOUR needs to ensure that the leads are easy to convert to paying clients. Our Pradaxa leads come to you at breakneck speeds. They are always super fresh and ready to seek litigation.  You will not find a better value anywhere else!

    Internet or Live Transfer: The Choice is Yours

    We offer 2 different Pradaxa lead types. No matter which lead type you choose- you will increase your customer base. We’re confident in the power of our leads, because they are successful time and time again! Both lead types offer speed, exclusivity, and filtering. Ultimately, it comes down to what lead type works best for your business goals. We offer:

    With our Pradaxa Internet Leads, we harness the power of the internet to bring you clients. We use tested internet marketing techniques to bring these leads in, and utilize both SEO and enticing ads and emails to find these leads. Once we’ve peaked a person’s interest, we have them fill out a form. They then become a lead. We filter our leads down to ensure eligibility. Filtering is also applied to ensure that the lead is what YOU are looking for. Once we’ve established that a lead is a match for you, we send you over all of their contact information. You can contact them by phone, fax, mail, or email.

    Our Pradaxa Live Transfer Leads work a little differently. We use several proven methods to locate potential leads. Our skilled telemarketers then call these leads. We ask them a series of questions to determine eligibility. We also ask questions to make sure that they fit your predetermined qualifications. Once we’ve determined that we have a quality Pradaxa lead on the phone, we transfer the call straight to you! That means no cold calling! All you have to do is pick up the phone and sell your services to an already interested person. It couldn’t get any easier than this.

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