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Pradaxa Live Transfer Leads

Live Transfer Leads Breaking New Ground

The amazing part of live transfer leads is how easy they are to work with. The beauty is in the simplicity. We have an enormous database full of people affected by Pradaxa- the biggest in the market. What we do:

  • Contact
  • Qualify
  • Transfer

We are experts in telemarketing that call one of thousands of our Pradaxa leads every minute. They then qualify these leads based on the unique filtering options we offer. Then, once we know the lead is ready, we transfer them straight to you. It’s really that easy!

What makes this the most viable option available is that we offer this simplicity at fractions of our competitors’ prices. At such low prices, how can you go wrong? We know you’re amazing at closing the deal. We just provide you with a deal to close. Our leads are primed and ready to start the paperwork, making cold calls a thing of the past. Don’t stress about that part of marketing. We have unprecedented techniques and a reputation to take to the bank.

Pradaxa – The Silent Killer

The company behind this drug raked in over one billion dollars on the sales of this anti-stroke drug in just one year. If you do the research, the numbers are outrageous. They were a huge company whose profit margins went through the roof. Unfortunately, while they were putting on party hats and celebrating, thousands their patients were suffering internal bleeding and death.

There have been thousands of reported side effects reported to the FDA and hundreds of deaths. While the current cases filed in the courts are in the hundreds, there is plethora of patients that haven’t filed yet. Side effects of this drug and news of monetary compensation for injury or death is spreading quickly. We have eligible leads in our database and they’re waiting to hear from you!

Don’t Miss Your Shot

Don’t sit on your hands and let them all be taken. The pool of patients eligible for lawsuits will soon run thin. You need to capitalize on this opportunity while you have the chance. These patients are entitled to this compensation and you are more than entitled to help them get it. The company made over a billion dollars from a drug that was not properly tested.

The statistics are incredible and we match them with a near-perfect success rate. We have the best reputation for any lead generation company, because we have methods and techniques that work. We give all the power to you, without any of the hassle of cold calls and wasted time. Stop wasting your time and join today to start receiving your Pradaxa live transfer leads.