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Updated: 4/22/2013

Before you Pitch – Always Ask…..

  • How Many States?
  • Are you trying to generate Inbound Calls or make Outbound Calls?   - (TV & Direct Mail vs Internet & Data)
  • Do you want less sales per week and a lower cost per transaction – or do you want more sales per week with a higher cost per transaction?
  • How many agents do you have?
  • How many Leads or Deals a week are you looking to generate?

Inbound calls are generally….

  • More expensive leads, generating a lower return on money (ROI)….
  • ….but the sales cycle is much faster. One rep using inbound calls – may be able to generate 3-10X the sales of an outbound sales organization.
  • Not as easy to track conversions

Outbound Calls are generally….

  • More Elbow Grease from “call to close”
  • Less expensive – Easier on Smaller budgets
  • Generate a Much Higher “Return on Investment”
  • Slower sales cycle
  • They are basically generating their own “interested”
  • Easier to get statistics on

This is where you come in. They are relying on you to know what you are talking about.

Understand their Industry / Product – Take an active interest. The minute you lose credibility, they will disregard every piece of advice you give them.

  • Understand their Industry / Product – Take an active interest. In one industry you have a thousand different ways of doing things. Make it a priority to know how they are doing it.
  • Suggest Scripts and Strategies – They are in your server. Use them – Roll play if need be.
  • Follow-up on Lead data analytics – Tracking system, contact ratio, pitch ratio, close ratio. What are some common rebuttals? Where are they losing people? Review a few recorded calls if available. 90% of campaigns that fail with LRG are due to poor scripting from the sales organization.


Mortgage is broken down into even further “subcategories” of clientele. Each of our clients is looking to “lead” their client through a specific type of real estate transaction:

  • Refinance Lead  – Wants to give consumer a lower payment or “cash out” on home equity
  • Purchase Lead   – Wants to help consumer buy a new home
  • Jumbo Lead        – Wants to help a consumer with a loan over 417k lower payment or “cash out” on home equity
  • VA Lead                - Veterans Affairs(VA). Wants to help a veteran with a loan to lower payment or “cash out” on home equity
  • FHA Lead             – Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Wants to help a FHA loan holder with a loan to lower payment or “cash out” on home equity. Federal  Housing Administration
  • HARP Lead          – Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). Wants to help someone with a government program (FNMA, Freddie MAC) get a lower payment.
  • Reverse Lead       -Want to help people over the age of 65 either refinance their current reverse mortgage OR help the obtain a new reverse mortgage.



Inbound Calls

Direct Mail – Cost Per Call Campaign – VA/FHA /HARP/ Conventional Blend


One of the BEST calls you can get are calls generated by direct mail. Direct mail targets the right people for your money. Most direct mail programs leave you to fate. Not us – We share in the risk of direct mail.

  • GUARANTEED 1% Cost-Per-Call on Direct Mail
  • Qualified Prospects Through Data Analytics
  • Proven “Phone Responders” – They Called In!
  • Readers, Generally Higher Education and Have Income
  • More Committed then Someone Who Saw an “Ad”



Overview: This is our “ALPHA-MAIL” product. We create a blend (FHA, VA, HARP, Conv) of inbound calls using qualified credit summarized mailing lists. Our American based call center receives the call, and asks for personal contact information. This eliminates the “Take me off the list calls”. We then pass the call to the LRG sales organization client.

Requirements: 5 states minimum to qualify, 30 State+ for volume. Prefer 7am to 6pm PST, negotiable on exception. Minimum Order 50. Wire Only. 

Pitch:    This is a well trusted, long standing campaign. We generate exclusive live transfer leads entirely through direct mail. We send out direct mail to top notch, expensive, 97% accurate credit summarized data for VA, FHA, and HARP, and Conventional filters. Every data set is pulled fresh before mailing.

When the consumer calls into our American based call center, we verify they are calling in on our mailer. We explain we are a third party and will be transferring them directly to a mortgage specialist to answer any questions. We then ask for the persons contact information, verifying it’s correct, this scrubs out any complaint calls as complaint callers generally won’t give you their phone number. We never transfer a lead unless they give us this. Then we’ll transfer the call over to your sales floor in real time. We will introduce the client in a “Warm” hand-off, and give you the lead ID in the system. We have a system login located at where you’ll be able to see these ID’s, and any lead information from the data set, specific to this transfer. Every client lead we send you will be placed in this login from the inception of the campaign.

Delivery: On a small test order of 50 calls, we will just direct you calls from what we have already dropped, generally we can start within 24 hours. After your test, we will do an “Actual” mail drop specifically for your company to ensure volume. We need a wire by Tuesday in order to start your first “Actual” Mail drop. Receiving calls the next Monday / Tuesday and flowing in over 14 days. We currently have over 20 campaigns running, so generally delivery is much faster than 2 weeks. We cannot guarantee a certain amount of calls from one vertical, if conventional is responding well, then we’ll have to give you primarily conventional so on and so forth.



  • Use the login. This gives you credibility. This will ensure when you speak to the client you have their information in front of you. Loan Amount, Lender where available, Contact Information, address ect. Credibility.
  • If you have your own CRM we can post from our system to yours. There is a 15 minute delay. This takes 24-48 hours (Although if it is standard mortgage software – Point, Encompass, Leads360 it will be faster)
  • We will be dropping a very aggressive mailer, which we constantly keep in rotation to prevent our pieces from “Ad stagnation”.
  • Just like lower my bills landing page, or any other lead generator, we will be advertising the lowest possible rate available. Currently 2.5-3%. This adjustable or short term mortgage product may not be the mortgage program for the consumer, so when they “grind” you on your lowest rate,  or “drill” you on if your company offers a 2.75% rate, the correct response is:
  • “Yes, we have access to those products and programs; let’s see if that will be a good program for you. Let me ask, how long do you plan on being in your home?”…..
  • ……Then continue on with the 1003 (Mortgage Application) and attempt to find benefit for the client. (Payment Savings, Cash Out, Eliminate MI, Title Transfer, Pay off Debt Ect….)

Although we can’t say EVERY filter in the data, these are the main data points we are targeting. This is top-notch expensive data from our CITADEL file.

For example, it’s very rare we get a HARP call which is not owned by Fannie.


  • VA
    • Current VA loan Holder
    • 640+ Estimated FICO
    • 150k+ Loan Amount
    • Max 125%-150% LTV (Depending on Client)
    • No Mortgage Lates past 12, No BKS or NODS
  • FHA
    • NOT Pre 2009
    • Current FHA loan Holder
    • 640+ Estimated FICO
    • 150k+ Loan Amount
    • Max 150% LTV
    • No Mortgage lates past 12, No BKS or NODS
  • Harp
    • Prior to 4/2009
    • Mostly Fannie – Will throw in Freddie if client can do it.
    • 150k Loan Amounts
    • 640+ Estimated FICO
    • Max 150 LTV
    • No Mortgage lates past 12, No BKS or NODS
  • Conventional
    • 85% LTV
    • 640+ Estimated FICO
    • 150K+
    • No Mortgage lates past 12, No BKS or NODS


Why Firms Succeeded:

  • Firm’s agents logged into the system on every call, and verified their information. Giving them Credibility.
  • Firm has an aggressive lead management platform (SalesForce), we also ported leads into. If the lead was in one reps name, and was not statused out as a “package out”, the next day another rep would receive it, attempting to on-board the client with a different sales pitch.
  • Firm made a point to get their email contact, and placed them into a “Constant Contact” email drip system. They received a new reason why his company was the best, once a day, for 6 days. With strong “Call to Action”.
  • Bottom Line: Well Scripted Sales Organization – Efficient Tracking of Every Lead – Utilized LRG Technology Platform


Why Firms Fail:

  • Firm has 50 “Intake” agents. Not allowed to quote rates. People lose interest when a call is “Double Qualified”. Mail inbound calls are generally more sophisticated than the “average bear”. They want instant access to a qualified professional.
  • They have a lead management platform, but wanted to start campaign before it could be mapped.
  • Had reps answering the phone with “Hello, are you calling in on our TV commercial?” – Nothing Screams lack of credibility more…then not having an educated sales staff.
  • Bottom Line: “To Big To Win”. They did not have any time to build out a custom campaign.  They were buying from to many sources to dial any singular one in with any “Edge”.


Pricing Matrix:

States Blend FHA VA HARP Conventional
4-10 $120 $130 $154 $148 $120
10-30 $110 $120 $144 $138 $110
30-45 $103 $113 $134 $128 $103
45+ $99 $109 $129 $124 $99




Reverse Mortgage TV Campaign – LRG EXCLUSIVE

Reverse Mortgage TV leads are run on a cash buy and PI basis. We are currently running 5,000 raw inbound calls a month, and able to run another 1500 per week. Don’t want RAW TV calls? Perfect, because we have a call center who scrubs out the good ones and turns them into paper.


  • Callers saw client on CNN, CNBC, Hundreds of networks
  • Proven Phone Responder
  • One (1) Minute Qualifier, client has 60 seconds to qualify the call

Status: Tested – REVIEW

Overview: This is our “MANNA-REV” product. Inbound call from reverse mortgage TV commercial. The commercial promises to send them a free ebook. Approximately 35%-45% of people qualify as being 65+(age), with a mortgage, and LTV which Qualifies for a reverse mortgage.

Requirements: None – Cannot guarantee volume on under 10 states. 

Pitch:    We do cash buy and PI media nationwide on the “Seven secrets of Reverse Mortgages”. This is played on networks such as Ion, CNN, Discovery, so on and so forth. We are $20 cheaper than anyone in the industry. We also have a call center who (For a fee),  will qualify the call and send you only the qualified reverse mortgage candidates.

Delivery: Calls are delivered over a two (2) week period. Must pay Monday for calls to start the next Monday. Calls are routed and recorded through Boberdoo.

Strategy: The FIRST thing people will ask for is the book…..this commercial is “Book-centric” – but it pulls! Must read the script below, deliver the book, then call back and “Educate” them on the “7 Secrets”. Then sell the heck out of them!

Client must use this script:

  • Thank you for calling for the free book. In order to qualify for the free book, we need to ask a few questions….
  • …..Are you over the age of 62?
  • What is your email address?
  • Are you currently renting?
  • What is the value of your home? (Appraisal Lookup – Middle Value)
  • How much do you owe?
  • Thank you – Free Book mailed in 4-6 weeks or emailed shortly.
  • Have salesman call them within 5 minutes if they are qualified.

Qualified Salesman Then Calls Back

  • I saw you wanted your free book, can I verify your address?
  • Great, let’s go over some of the keys in the book which are important…..
  • Salesman then sells the deal. Education first on the seven secrets, then sell against the competition.
    • Are you currently shopping with other lenders? (Typically selling against another lender)
    • Would you like a quote with your book?

Commencement Form


One Time Cash Buy (4 week commitment we can do PI – $10 off all pricing below)

State Size Price
1-5 – No Volume Commitment
  • 50:   $88
  • 100: $87
  • 250: $86
5-15 – No Volume Commitment
  • 50:   $86
  • 100: $85
  • 250: $84
  • 50:   $84
  • 100: $83
  • 250: $82
  • 50:   $82
  • 100: $81
  • 250: $80
  • 50:   $80
  • 100: $79
  • 250: $78


Qualified Calls on above script, Book Delivered

State Size Price
1-5 – No Volume Commitment
  • 50:   $175
  • 100: $170
  • 250: $165
5-15 – No Volume Commitment
  • 50:   $165
  • 100: $160
  • 250: $155
  • 50:   $155
  • 100: $150
  • 250: $145
  • 50:   $145
  • 100: $140
  • 250: $135
  • 50:   $135
  • 100: $130
  • 250: $125


Refinance Mortgage Transfer Campaign – San Diego USA

Mortgage Live transfers are qualified by our US call Center calling on opt-in internet Applications. These are all legitimate Conventional Refinance Leads, who have applied online to get a lower rate. So the interest is much warmer than a “cold call”. Two Minute Qualifier!


  • 90% and Less LTV
  • Good/Excellent Credit
  • 4%+ Interest Rates
  • Predictive Dialer – US Call Center
  • Proven Phone Responder
  • 150K+ Values – No Lates – No Refi’s in the Past 12
  • Two (2) Minute Qualifier! (No Refund if call Does Not Meet Criteria After 2 Minutes)


Status: Untested – Trusted (GREENSTAR)


Overview: This is our “GREENSTAR-CVT” product. Outbound calls on HIGH Quality Aged internet Leads.

  • Calls routed and recorded through a whitelabled lead delivery system Boberdoo.
  • We do not post call recordings of the agent, but we will capture them in case of emergency, legal issue Ect…
  • They will pass through the caller ID of the person, not the call center ID.
  • No VB dialers. 100% Predictive

Requirements: Skype Login. Minimum 50 Call Test. cannot guarantee volume on fewer than 10 states. Pay Wednesday for Calls to Start Monday. 

Pitch: This is a very high quality campaign we have put together with our aged internet leads, and a local USA call center. We call internet responders and qualify them as being. We qualify them as being a good refinance candidate. Good and Excellent Credit. 150k+ Values. No Lates or Refi’s in the past 12 months, with a 2 minute qualifier! Rates are a little bit more than standard as we are calling on truly interested aged internet leads. We also pay our sales reps high salaries to try and prevent push through of calls.

We still called these people, so you must engage them, act like you called them. Keep them on board, conversation not an application.

Delivery: Calls are delivered over a two (1) week period. Must pay Monday for calls to start the next Monday, 5 Day minimum start up time. Calls are routed and recorded through Kall8.

Strategy: We will ask for you to join our call center manager in a Skype chat room at the beginning of the campaign to make sure we are all on the same page. We all know call center reps push people over to you, so be prepared to pick up the phone, and be enthusiastic, even if the client isn’t. Verify the questions above with a quick script….We give you 2 minutes to “Qualify” the call – Not to try and “Disqualify” the call. Treat this as though YOU CALLED THEM. Speak fast, use voice inflection, keep them engaged.

Pricing Matrix:  

Ca Only

1-5 Sates (NO CA)

6-25 States

26-45 States

45+ States








Outbound Calls

Aged Mortgage Leads – With Additional Options – LRG EXCLUSIVE

Our aged internet generated mortgage leads are good. The leads are sold upfront as a Semi Exclusive lead to household bank names. We get the leads on an exclusive basis from our partner 14 days after the fact, exclusive as aged. We currently have 1000 a day coming in Nationally. Several Lead Types are available. We ask for all of these pieces of information on a “Lower your Mortgage Payment” page.

  • VA – Clicked “Yes, Was in Military”
  • FHA – Clicked “Yes, In FHA Loan”
  • JUMBO – Loan Amount over 417k
  • Conventional Refinance – 90% and Lower LTV, Good Credit
  • BEST at 30 Days Aged


Overview: This is our “GREENBACK” product. High Quality Aged Leads.

  • Suggested Pricing is in Attachment Below – Pricing is negotiable!
  • Generated through Banner Display, produces people who are “Impulsive” – Not SHOPPERS.
  • Can be sold at 14-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-180, 180+
  • Different price Points on Each
  • Pricing is negotiable on orders over $2500

Requirements: $500 Minimum Purchase. You must teach them the script! This is Key, if you are well scripted with them, they will be well scripted with the leads. 

Pitch: This is a very high quality campaign we have put together with aged internet leads, Call them and use the quality control script we provide. It works well, and we call these same leads to generate qualified and interested live transfers. These people are generated from banners and display traffic.

Although in most lead generation Banner is not a preferred method, in this case it eliminates shoppers. PPC traffic will generate you a true “SHOPPER” lead. These were sold as multisale in real-time. The National Average is 1.7 times sold, although we reserve the right to sell them up to three times initially.

Delivery:  24 Hours Maximum

Strategy:  Call and use our quality control script. Engage them, be light and ask them questions about their experience. “Hi this is Matt in the Quality Control Division, I see you spoke with someone here about your mortgage, and I just wanted to make sure that person answered all of your questions and met all your needs” – Really play the part of this quality control expert. Conversation not an application.


  • Play the part of “Quality Control” with a smile, voice inflection, ect…..Speak Quickly, Smile!
  • Try not to verify or open with the name.. (If you mispronounce or they used a fake one, it will be perceived as from a sales department. Keep it high energy, and try new things to keep them on the phone.)

Hello, this is (name) at (Company) in the  “Quality Control” department. It looks like you had spoken to someone recently about your mortgage and I just wanted to make sure someone helped you.


“What is this about?” –


It looks like at some point you were looking for help with your mortgage. I just wanted to make sure someone had answered all of your questions and met all of your needs. Did you get it accomplished?


“Yes/ No” – (See Below)


“Yes” –


Great, what kind of program did you select? How was the Rep? Glad you were helped – Disengage or Flip


“No” –


Oh we let you slip the cracks – Unacceptable! In the quality control department we have access to products and programs no one else has access to. What were you trying to do – Back then? – Begin Application